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Corvus Corax: the common raven, found across the Northern hemisphere.

I’m a Canadian university student with a penchant for the fine arts, healthy living, and introspection.  Join me as I journey figuratively across a spectrum of political and social issues and physically across the globe.

While this blog occupies an virtual space, the land I live on is the unceded territory of the Coast Salish people.


What is up with your weird categories? Becoming Better?  Through my senses?

I used to organize posts into more commonly used headings like “University”, “Food” and so on, but I realised that a lot of things I wrote ended up in the “Thoughts and Reflection” box.  Since then, I’ve decided to reorganize everything into these three categories, which capture what I write about better.

Becoming Better is about the lessons I learn and the obstacles I overcome.

Through My Senses is where I share my observations and life experiences.

Head to Head is where I tackle political and social issues.


Connect with me

Facebook: www.facebook.com/thecorax

Email: thecoraxblog@gmail.com


Regarding the use of photos

If you wish to use photos on this blog, please link it directly back to this blog.


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